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Our company over half a century ago by life-long machinist, Edmon Aaron, A&A Machine and Welding is a machining and welding company based in Birmingham Alabama. Over the years, multiple generations have worked in the shop, meaning that today the company is still owned and operated by the Aaron family.

A&A Machine and Welding offers a range of services, including fabrication, welding and machining for a wide variety of materials. While we are proficient in all of our endeavors, our specialty is focused on machining hardened alloys.

With the company’s growth over the years, our team of employees has expanded from being a one-man shop to boasting an unparalleled crew of approximately 20 experienced and enthusiastic workers. No matter their position in A&A Machine and Welding, each employee is dedicated to providing customers the highest quality craftsmanship and service possible.

A&A Machine And Welding, Inc.

Just as the Bible instructs us in Deuteronomy 25:15, we "use accurate and honest weights and measures" to cost our jobs. We ensure our customers that we will provide quality work at a fair price.


135 Reed Road
Jasper, AL 35504


Phone: 205-384-9436
Fax: 205-384-9642
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